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Minnesota Home Ownership Center

Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, a new home, or even stay in your home, the Minnesota Home Ownership Center can provide the information you need to make educated financial decisions.  They can help you achieve successful home ownership no matter how large or small of a home you are searching for. 




Minnesota Housing Finance Agency Fix-Up Fund and Community Fix-Up Fund

This site is sponsored by the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency and includes Minnesota Housing Homes Division program forms.  You can find a variety of documents varying from a credit application to homeowner information.  There is also information on energy saver rebates and other programs that the state sponsors. 




Not sure if you’re ready to buy a home yet?

If you’re not sure if you can afford a mortgage, try saving the difference between a proposed mortgage payment and your rent payment. (Remember, a mortgage payment will include principle and interest payment plus the monthly payment of real estate taxes and home owners insurance.)   Doing this helps you save for the down payment and closing costs for a home purchase.  It also helps you practice paying for your mortgage and determine if the new payment is affordable with your lifestyle.